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Welcome to New World Kliros, the website of Dn. John Joseph Kotalik IV, a library of Orthodox choral music and chants.

This website is dedicated to making available the musical traditions of the Old World Churches - especially those of the Russian, Ruthenian, and Carpatho-Russian peoples - available here, for those of us attempting to transmit and live those traditions here in the New World of the Orthodox Church: specifically, those of us singing in the English language.

This library stands on the shoulders of many great men and women - musical giants - who have laboured to transmit our musical traditions into the American setting, and it is hoped that this website will both preserve their legacy and function as the next steps in this living tradition by improving the English adaptations and presenting newer music not brought over with our immigrant forebears in the Faith.  More so, it is hoped that this library might make that music more accesible to the Church at large - no longer should our parish choirs have to rely on an informal network of copied materials.

Finally, it is to be remembered that the music of the Church, both in those places where our Faith has long been established and those where the Church is in her relative infancy, is meant to draw us into the "New World" of the heavenly kingdom of our Lord and God and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  May the music here enable our parish choirs to better assist our faithful in this lofty goal, to the glory of God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

If you have any music which you might want added to this library, or any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate do contact:

Dn. John Joseph